DIAL, the Diagrammatic AI Language, was dreamed up at the University of Manchester. The initial version 0.1 which is shown on this site has been created primarily with utility in mind. As such, the cognitive efficiency and usability of DIAL are currently under review. Your feedback is necessary for us to make this better! 

Why do we need a “Diagrammatic Language” for AI?

In currently unpublished work, it has been shown that there is a problem with the many different types of Diagram being used to represent AI Systems. This has cognitive and perceptual issues. We propose that the standardisation of diagrams being used would benefit the whole community. The elevation of “standard diagrams” to a “language” is about the creation of a grammar and the understanding that diagrams can be a communication channel or medium analogous (and sometimes more efficient and effective) than natural language. Constructing diagrams in a more rigorous way can help ensure that, as a mapping between spaces, they are complete, meaningful, unambiguous and correct.

The Diagrammatic AI Language, DIAL, is currently composed of two dialects, DIAL-SYS and DIAL-NN.


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